Nature Photography!

when done well, can be a truly emotional experience. You can freeze for eternity, a once-in-a lifetime moment; one that no one will experience ever again. To do so successfully is an awesome skill indeed!

Nature Photography

Nature photography, when done well, can be a truly emotional experience. To do nature photography so successfully is an awesome skill indeed! Learn how!

Nature Photography

Just between you and me, exposure had always been the most intimidating and problematic part of photography for me; especially when I first got started. I still feel less than a pro at setting for exposure, but I certainly understand it more now than I used to. At least now I know when I approach a scene that I can get pretty close on the exposure; I know basically what my camera is going to do. What made the difference for me?

Good teachers - I have read much here at NPN, asked many questions, and looked at lots of images. I also watched John Shaw's video on exposure. I don't feel that I could not have used just one of these resources to progress; I have used all of them combined...

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