Flowers the way to anyones heart

Flowers have always been a reliable gift giving option, the quick fix solution if nothing else springs to mind or you've left it to the last minute. Sadly, this slap dash, no thought required approach to flower buying can all to often end up looking like you haven't really bothered. The problem is often simply that many of us don't know an Amaryllis from an Azalea and end up picking up a half dead bunch of carnations from a garage on the way home. For those who don't necessarily fancy themselves as a budding Alan Titchmarsh don't be put off, well chosen flowers really are a great way of expressing a whole range of sentiments from gratitude to congratulations to love.

The guide that follows should help to equip you with a bit of basic flower-buying knowledge. Romance ? If you're trying to woo someone or perhaps hoping to inject a bit of good old fashioned romance and spontaneity into your relationship or marriage flowers are still one of the most effective tools of seduction. The obvious choice here are roses, the red rose in particular is still associated with love (it's traditionally symbolic of passionate love) more than any other flower and as such still makes a good, classic choice. For something a bit different though there are plenty of attractive alternatives ? Lilies, Daisies, Orchids and Wildflowers for instance are all associated with conveying a message of love. Congratulations ? Obviously you're looking to express something of the celebratory spirit here so consider going for bold, bright and contrasting colors that you feel really communicate a sense of fun and playfulness. Thank you ? One of the most common sentiments behind floral gifts - flowers are ideal for expressing gratitude.

There aren't really any definitive rules here; the most important thing is that they convey a sense of sincerity and perhaps feel like you've put some personal thought into your choice. A casually arranged selection of some complementary flowers of your choice should be fine. Pink carnations are traditionally the floral symbol of gratitude. I'm sorry ? There are few more consistently effective ways of getting out of the dog house than with flowers, somehow a floral gift makes it almost impossible for anyone to hold a grudge for too much longer. Go for arrangements of delicate warm tones and put a bit of thought into an accompanying note.

Get well ? Flowers can convey a sense of deeply felt empathy so they make the perfect gift to let someone know your thinking of them. Your choice of flowers will, in the end, be quite a personal one: You could go down a couple of different routes here. Either stick with something restrained and tastefully serene or why not go for a more positive, uplifting message with a bold, vibrant arrangement.

Bare in mind that ultimately flower-buying is a personal thing so don't feel too bogged down by these suggestions.

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