Read the letters carefully and learn more about your beloved one

You can meet someone really great online. It can either be a long distance relationship with Russian bride or even someone from your city or state. Both of you seem to have perfect match and you can't wait to get her next letter.

But are you sure that she truly likes you and her intentions are serious? How do you know that your correspondence have all chances for future serious relationships and she is not just a pen pall and waist of your time? Here are the communication, relationship, and attention signs to make everything clear before you meet your lady. .Correspondence. .Dating has never been easy and especially online dating.

Online dating is a completely different way of communication comparing with communication face to face. You don't see mimics, gestures of your lady and you don't know how she reacts on things that you share with her in your correspondence. The only thing you have is her letters, but how can you find out if her letters sincerely show her interest to you? In fact even a simple letter can tell you so much about your lady and her intentions. .There are some good signs for you while your correspondence with your Russian bride:. .

- She asks you questions. Person who is really interested in getting to know you will always ask questions about you, your life, family, friends, work, daily life, etc . .- She makes comments on your letter.

If your lady is seriously interested in you and if she doesn't reply you just in order to be polite she will always make comments on what you wrote. She will try to express her opinion on this or that point, give you a piece of advice, express her sympathy or support. .

- She carefully answers to your questions and talks openly even if you ask her about her life issues, plans for future, ambitions in life, finances, fears, children and past relationships. .- She compliments and praises you. If your lady is really serious about you she'll always compliment and praise you on your character traits, physical appearance, achievements in life, the way you treat her and so on. . .

- She is open and honest with you about her feelings. She tells you if she is happy or upset about you and explains the reasons. .- She always tries to reply you on time.

If your lady replies your letters on time this means that she can't wait to get your next letter and she enjoys your correspondence. .Bad Signs:. .- The only thing she asked about you was your favorite colour and what paper you read.

.- She doesn't tell you how she feels about you and she never shares her plans for future with you. .

- She promises you to answer to your questions or to make comments on some very important issue that you rose in her next letters, but never fulfills it. .- She calls you James when your name is John. .- She always asks for excuse about her late reply or short letter.

.Relationships. .Any relationships and especially online relationships can rarely survive without mutual support, care, understanding and trust. Every person who is interested in another one tries to share happy and sad moments together, solve things together, support and encourage each other. .

Good Signs:. .- In a crisis she tries to support you and say words of encouragement no matter what happened. Expressing her care, attention and concern to your achievements or faults she'll show that she is not indifferent to you, your life and to everything that is about you. .

-She drops the «I» or «you» and starts referring as «we» -this means that your lady considers you and her as a whole and the one. She expects having common aims to reach, plans to fulfill, problems to solve and moments to share. .- She starts sharing small details of her life with you starting with her work affairs an ending with what she had for lunch.

She will try to share even small details of her life with you in order to feel you closer to her with a hope you do the same in return. .- She asks for your advice on questions that are important for her. This will show you that your opinion is very important for her and she takes into consideration your point of view. .

- She wants to develop your relationship and take it to a new level. Your lady doesn't want just to exchange letters with you, she wants to speak with you on the phone, she starts speaking about your future personal meeting, future life together and so on. .-She decided to stop or doesn't want to start corresponding with other men and wants to concentrate all her attention on you. She is sure that you are the right for her and she doesn't want to waist her time on others. .

-She told her close people and relatives about your correspondence and how wonderful she feels about you. If relatives and close people of your lady know about your existence and even ask her to say «hello» to you, or you start talking with her children if she has one, this means she is so proud of having you as her partner or at least as potential partner. .Warning Signs:.

.- She doesn't pay any attention on what you share with her no matter if it's your achievement or fault. .- In her letters to you she speaks only about herself and her life and she doesn’t care about you and your routine.

.- She never speaks about possibility of taking your relations to a more serious level and she tries to avoid such kind of questions. .Attention. .Attention is very important part of relationships.

When there is lack of attention to another person it usually means indifference and lost of interest. This is so important to show how much you care about your partner and about those who mean so much for your partner and especially on some special occasions and dates. .

.Good Signs:. .- She remembers the names of your close people, relatives and friends that you mentioned in your letters.

If your lady calls your sister, friend or children and uses their names instead of «your son», «the friend you told me about» - this is a really good sign. This means that she is not just interested in you, but in everything and everyone your live is about. In her letters to you she asks not only about you, but about people who are important for you. .-She never forgets to congratulate you with your holidays whether it's Birthday, Christmas and New Year, St.

Valentines Day or any other holidays. Lady who has deep interest in you will always try to make something pleasant for you. Like Russian bride does.

She can even send you a parcel by post or at least an e-card to express how she feels about you. By the way, if your lady forgot to congratulate you with Independence Day of your country or with any other national holiday which is important to your country, don't worry and relax. This doesn't mean that she lost her interest in you she might never know that such holidays exist. .

- She asks you to tell her more about your place or even searches the internet to find out all interesting information about your city, country, population, noticeable places and shares her impressions with you. .Warning Signs:. .- She remembers about your birthday only when you tell her what a great Birthday party you had. .

- She is never interested in names, age, interests and life of your close people (children, parents, brothers or sisters). .- She doesn't even remember what city or country you are from.

.These Good and Bad signs are very helpful not only to find out about the level of interest to you but to treat your lady in a right way. Show her your interest in communication, ask questions about her life, share your opinion and give her a piece of advice on questions that are important for her, compliment her, show her your care by sending her some special gifts from you and NEVER forget: if you want strong and healthy relationships you must work on them. Be aware and objective about your relationship. If you can't nurture it, then it may be time to stop.

If it's strong, then building upon mutual respect, attention and communication will only make it stronger. .

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