Some Women You Should Avoid Dating

As a man there are certain types of women you should avoid dating for various reasons. In this article we will discuss some of these women and why you should avoid dating them. The gold digger This is a woman who date guys for the wrong reasons. A gold digger is a woman who falls in love with someone for what they have rather than who they are. Gold diggers are always on the lookout for wealthy guys, many of them will not date a guy unless he has a nice car, big house, great job, and a huge bank account. If you date a gold digger she will try her best to get as much money from you as possible.

She will expect you to spend lots of money on her as well. The control freak This is a woman who likes things her way. Control freaks do not like to compromise in most cases they do not stop to think about other people's feelings or why someone wants to do something a certain way.

It's her way or no way. If you date someone like this she will attempt to control every aspect of your life such as who you should and should not hang out with, what you should eat, and how you should spend your free time. Daddy's little girl This is a woman who was spoiled by her dad.

This woman grew up having little or no responsibilities because everything that should have been her responsibility was taken care of by her dad. Responsible adults should do their own laundry, clean their own room, and make up their beads. If you date a woman like this she will probably expect you to take on some of her responsibilities. The conceited woman A conceited woman is an extremely confident woman who believes that she is better than everyone else.

Some women are conceited because they are wealthy while other women are conceited because they are beautiful. If you date a conceited woman she will never treat you as an equal, in her eyes she will always be better than you. Different people make the world go round. When you are seeking a long term relationship with someone you should find someone who will appreciate you for the person you are. You should try to avoid someone who will speak to you in a condescending way, or someone who will try to impose their will upon you. It's all about respect, you have to give respect in order to earn it.

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