Taking Homeschooling Outdoors

The saying All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy was not coined without any reason. Homeschooling a child is a whole new approach towards educating a child. Educating a child is a big responsibility. The main objective of homeschooling parents should be the all round development of a child, which will equip him/her to deal with the world, and enable him/her to carve his/her own identity in this competitive world. However, when parents homeschool their children, the dilemma often arises about how much time a child should spend studying within the confines of his/her study room.

Researchers have repeatedly stressed that all homeschooling need not take place at home. An academic experience can be gathered from anywhere in the world, and time and again it has been proved that educational adventures pursued in the real world opens up a childs mind more. Educational trips are one of the best ways of learning, because nature and personal experience of things are the greatest teachers. An outdoors educational experience also encourages parents to spend more time with their kids, which increases their confidence level. Summer is a great time to take the homeschool outdoors in the form of camps or special hobby classes. Whatever means you choose to plan an outdoor educational endeavor, there is no doubt it will be a refreshing experience, both for the child and the parent.

Parents who choose to homeschool are often criticized for depriving their children of the social experiences in regular schools, i.e. making friends and an all-round learning approach. Taking homeschool outdoors can be an answer to that. A child can be homeschooled and still attend other classes, like judo or music lessons, and thus be a part of a social group of his/her own age.

A child can be homeschooled and also be a part of community gatherings and hence be in touch with a large number of people. The best thing about homeschooling is that it is up to the child and parents to decide his/her academic pursuits and social involvement level. It goes without saying that parents want their children to have complete development, and they are also aware that a childs mind needs to be refreshed regularly.

Plus, parents also know that it is important for their children to interact with their own peer group, so that they can fit into society when they grow up. Thus, to think that a childs social adequacy will suffer because of homeschooling is baseless. There are many educational academies and organizations that organize various camps to assist homeschooling parents in planning their outdoor educational excursions. These outdoor camps deal with different aspects of education. While some involve children in scientific tasks dealing with nature, others include drawing and painting classes.

The outdoor camps can be as long as a week or just for a day. But, all of them, apart from imparting interesting lessons, also teach children the 3 Cs - Communication, Cooperation and Commitment - which are the basic elements for leading an ideal social life. Parents usually do not accompany their kids on camps, unless they themselves lead it. Camping also teaches children how to keep their surroundings clean and the common etiquettes of eating, setting the table etc. It is not necessary that parents wait until the summer for an outdoor teaching experience. They can homeschool outdoors on a seasonal basis, or even on a daily basis.

For example, during the spring season, parents can take their child to the nearby woods to show the seasonal flora and fauna, or they can go on a daily walk together discussing about anything that interests them. Homeschooling that includes large doses of experiences outdoors will give children all they require for all round development.

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