Tips for Foreign Students Surviving in British Universities

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular study destinations for foreign students. Every year the number of international students coming to the country to study is rapidly and constantly increasing, and that is not very surprising. Through the years, many UK-based universities have been successfully increasing their reputation so that they would be more recognized throughout the globe. With numerous foreign students enrolling in major UK universities, there are many exposed problems and setbacks. Since the UK is a modern and western country, foreign students especially from Asia and Africa are finding it hard to initially cope and adjust to the prevailing culture and many foreign students do not last the stay of their studying course in the UK due to culture shock.

However, those students should have striven to do better, as the UK will not (and shouldn't really) adjust to accommodate them. They should assert themselves to cope up with the British environment and norms. Here are several simple tips that will help many foreign students survive studying in the UK: - Foreign students are assigned mentors who are faculty members. Make sure you regularly consult with your mentor and ask for guidance and help about specific academic challenges.

- Always seek help and assistance from your university's student advice/support centre. Such centres have been established to answer your every query, whether it is about academia, socialising or visa extension. You can also ask about comfortable lodgings as well as referrals for part-time jobs if you need one. - Try to interact with other foreign students of the same nationality as yours. You will be more comfortable interacting with them and asking them advice and recommendations about many things related to your stay at the university.

Overall, British universities are cordial to foreign students, just be observant and equally friendly, and you will survive.

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