Understanding The US Green Card Lottery

The US Green Card Lottery is one of the few things in this world that FREELY gives foreigners and would-be immigrants the chance to work, study, or live in the land of milk and honey permanently without having to go through all the hassles of obtaining a visa. And you know whats the best thing about it? Winning the US Green Card Lottery will also allow YOUR FAMILY to enjoy all the privileges youre entitled to as one of the winners of the US Green Card Lottery! 1. The Life Of A US Green Card Lottery Winner If youre one of the lucky winners of the US Green Card Lottery, here are just some of the few privileges you can expect to enjoy: Citizenship You dont have to give up your present citizenship if you become a winner, but you will be able to enjoy ALL the rights and privileges of a U.S. citizen.

Career Is it your dream to work in the United States? Then its your lucky day! As a US Green Card Lottery winner, you will be considered by all employers and firms as another US citizen, and not as a foreigner. This will make job hunting easier for you in some instances because there are a number of companies that prefer, or are required to hire US citizens only. Businesses Maybe, it was never your dream to work as a laborer. Maybe, youve dreamt of doing business all along in the United States. If so, as a US Green Card Lottery winner, youre permitted to build your own business. Youll also find out that the process of procuring trade licenses, becoming a broker or a real estate agent, will be less difficult to complete.

Residence Some states have stricter laws when it comes to accepting foreigners or would-be immigrants to their borders. But, again, as a winner, you can now take your pick from any of the 50 states of America. Live wherever you wish! Education Many of the finest universities in the world are located in the United States. As a winner, you or your children can enroll at ease in any school of your preference. You will also find out that your winner status will grant you as much as 75% discount in tuition fees if you meet the requirements for state-based scholarships and grants.

Travel Your newly won Green Card naturally allows you to travel around the United States without any hassle at all. The lottery also provides winners with a free airline ticket to help them relocate to the United States. Benefits As a Green Card holder, you will be automatically considered by the government as eligible for health, education, taxation, retirement, social security and other benefits.

Help Your Family You can now act as sponsor to help your other relatives and friends back at home cross the threshold of the United States legally and properly. Permanency When the five years are up, you can choose to become a citizen of the United States and gain the right to vote. But if you dont want to, thats okay as well, because Green Cards last for a lifetime! 2.

How To Apply The application process for the US Green Card Lottery is quite easy. Qualifications Check first if youre qualified to join. There are a number of requirements to meet before you can successfully join the lottery. Even if your form gets picked, if youre considered unqualified, you will not be entitled to the prize. Fee You will be required to pay an administrative fee once youve joined the U.S.

Green Card Lottery. Account Details Upon receiving the registration number and details of your account, log in to your account and complete or edit the information youve entered. Make sure to provide photos of yourself and any co-applicant. In the past, applications mailed by post were accepted but at present, only electronic application forms will be deemed qualified. The State Department Rule for the DV-2008 had declared that all green card petitions must be submitted electronically and through a website sanctioned to submit and receive such applications. 3.

How Do You Tell If You Have Won? A registered electronic notice will be sent to the email address youve been supplied. Do not be fooled by bogus mails that ask you for more money upon winning! So, what are you waiting for? Since theres nothing to lose, join now and hope for the best!.

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