Why Every Guitarist Should Use Guitar Backing Tracks - Guitar backing tracks are essential armory that every lead guitarist should have.

PeerToPeer A Musicians Highway to the World - This article peer-to-peer networks and the controversy that is associated with them.

Can MUSIC Spell Relief - Every day we are surrounded by things that can affect our mood, outlook, stress levels, and more.

Marines Demonstrate The M Lightweight Howitzer - This article is about the M777 lightweight howitzer and how it might or most likely replace the M198 howitzer.

Finding Your True Love The Essential Keys To Discovering the Love of Your Life - We all want to have the fairy tale.

Understanding The US Green Card Lottery - The US Green Card Lottery is one of the few things in this world that FREELY gives foreigners and would-be immigrants the chance to work, study, or live in the land of milk and honey permanently without having to go through all the hassles of obtaining a visa.

Flowers the way to anyones heart - You still can?t go far wrong with flowers as a gift for almost any occasion.

Dating Advice Ways to Make Sure You Do Not Get a Second Date - You met an attractive woman and she wants to go out with you.

Things Never To Say To A Girl - If you want to have a smooth and successful dating life, never say any of these 10 things to a girl you're dating.

Read the letters carefully and learn more about your beloved one - Online dating and face-to-face communication differ greatly.

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